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3 Best Water Heaters Solutions



3 Best Water Heater Solutions in Singapore for Problem Solving

 Water heater solutions for HDB


Problem 1: Not enough hot water

Affects: Most HDB users

✅ Solution: Electric 40 lit water heater – 8 minutes shower time


Condominium Water heater solutions


Problem 2: Heater lifespan is so short only 5 years

Affects: Condominium or landed with heaters in false ceilings

✅ The best water heater solution: Solar PVT water heaters


Water heater solutions for Big families


Problem 3: Water heating bills are so high


Affects: High usage families (4 and above)

✅ The best water heater solution: Heat Pump Water Heaters What can they do? Heat pumps drop the wattage from 3000 watts to 210 watts. If you have a large family, investing in a renewable energy water heater will save you so much money in the long run. Expect full cost recovery in a span of 2 to 3 years. Your heat pump will last you over 10 years.


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Best Water Heaters in Singapore