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Heat Recovery Unit

Heat Recovery Unit

Full heat recovery unit can be used for humidity control for many applications.



ARO’s Heat Recovery Units 

An ideal sustainable heat recovery solution for today and tomorrow. ARO’s Heat recovery unit, a type of machinery that uniquely transfers thermal energy from heat source to heat sink Approaches facilities’ requirements with the most efficient solutions. Heat sources are recovered either from fresh air load or waste water source coupled with the compression of refrigerant within the compressor making up the total heating capacity used for sensible reheat in humidity application. The energy recovery function of the HRU is authentically energy saving when compared to convention heating using electrical heaters.

Sensible Reheat of Heat Recovery Unit

Sensible reheat

HRU system design allows an application to perform sensible reheat from 13 °C Apparatus dew point to a range from 13 °C to 23 °C, build upon the variable where facilities are controlled at 23 °C. The HRU will modulate its capacity control subject to the amount of reheat is required to maintain a supply air temperature of 23 °C for the consistency of the facility’s temperature requirement.

Building CHW Cooling

Heat source is recovered from air source via the on the coil of HRU’s direct expansion coil from outdoor air through the change of state of the refrigerant within the HRU’s refrigerant circuit, the cooling capacity is utilized to perform 
the pre-cooling before building chilled water coil. When HRU modulates down according to the sensible reheat required, cooling capacity from HRU’s refrigerant circuit will also be off loaded, hence to ensure consistency of Appratus dew point 
set point, the modulation action of the PIBCV of the building CHW coil will perform compensation of uploading and downloading.

Building CHW Cooling Graph of Heat Recovery Unit

After-sales support and parts

ARO, a catalyst that bridges the present and future with proven, innovative Green technologies that drive towards energy efficiency and a better environment.

AROs’ beliefs in good customer service support, procreates a committed crew in service & maintenance of all ARO’s system. In order to bring it to another, ARO’s stock it’s parts from the support from our manufacturing arms as your insurance to ease of mind in using our system. Specialist in Heat Recovery capitalizes on raising energy efficiency
thus help

  • Operation theaters’ operators
  • Laboratories operators
  • Isolation wards’ operators
  • Clean room operators

In pruning, it’s power consumption from their facilities. believe in continual innovation to provide a cutting edge in technologies that are Green.

ARO looks forward to assisting and be involved with planning partners in developing Green system in order to provide worthy support and services, ARO has an association of field specialist competent in:

  • Humidity Control
  • Thermal Dynamics
  • System Design
  • Refrigeration
  • System control and integration