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Hot Water System Equipment Preventive Maintenance

Hot Water System Equipment Preventive Maintenance

Our Maintenance team can provide inspection and maintenance service for existing hot water system. 

  • Monthly / Quarterly /
    Bi-annually / Annually

24 hours emergency service (Singapore)

Attend to Singapore Local Customer’ maintenance and urgent essential services requests in case of equipment breakdown

Service Hours: 7 days 24 hours
Response Time:

2 hours in Singapore


3-ronga) ​​​​​Scheduled replacement: Preventive maintenance allows users to carry out replacement of worn-out parts prior to breakdown, in line with manufacturer’s recommendations.
b) Extending equipment life cycle: Performing quality preventive maintenance allows users to extend the equipment life cycle, allowing for better ROI of initial investment cost.
c) ​​​​​​Breakdown response: Preventive maintenance contract also allow dedicated response team to respond to emergency situations due to unforeseen scenarios, such as leakage of pipe, which may be costly if left unattended.

Hot water sys

✓    Functional test
✓    Refrigerant leaks check
✓    Refrigerant charge
✓    Compressor pressure check
✓    Insulation megger test
✓    Evaporator cleaning
✓    Inspect fan motor and fan blades, lubricate as needed
✓    Inspect control box, electrical wiring and connections
✓    Inspect evaporator coil, condensate drain lines, clean as needed

✓    Functional test
✓    Inspect heat exchanger leaks
✓    Inspect and record heat exchanger temperature and pressure on both sides
✓    Heat exchanger efficiency analysis
✓    Heat exchanger plates cleaning, gasket replace as needed
✓    Inspect pipework leaks
✓    Check insulation and cladding, repair as needed
✓    Inspect temperature and pressure gauge 
✓    Inspect pump start and stop sequence
✓    Fault signal test
✓    Insulation megger test
✓    Inspect control box, electrical wiring and connections

✓    Functional test
✓    Inspect temperature control logic
✓    Check emergency stop function
✓    Check safety device lockout
✓    Check steps control sequence
✓    Inspect control box, electrical wiring and connections
✓    Insulation megger test
✓    Tank and heater surface cleaning

✓    Inspect pump start and stop sequence
✓    Check interlock function
✓    Check changeover function
✓    Check for any abnormal noises
✓    Inspect all pipework and flexible connection for leakage
✓    Test overload protection
✓    Insulation megger test
✓    Inspect control box, electrical wiring and connections

It is important to inspect your solar water heater at least once a year to make sure all components are in good condition and to keep the system working optimally.

Solar thermal system requires periodic maintenance to maintain its efficiency over time.

Types of solar thermal maintenance: Solar tank, solar tubes, solar flat plate, etc.

IES provides preventive maintenance for our clients using our IES 3-prong approaches. Contact us for more information on comprehensive preventive maintenance.